RT-PCR COVID-19 Testing?


********** NOTICE ***********

All appointments made for Saturday ( 01/08/2022 ) and ( 01/09/2022 ) have been cancelled.

We are currently experiencing supply chain shortage in testing materials due to recent high testing demand and are unable to take on as many appointments as we'd like.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please stay tuned for future appointments.


Sierra Bio Lab provides RT-PCR testing performed to detect Covid-19 virus via nasal-pharynx swab according to CDC protocol. While we offer rapid COVID-19 test, they are not accurate, and the results are not for traveling purposes.

If this is for traveling purposes, please arrive within 3 days before your departure date to be tested and make sure you have your passport upon arrival at the testing center.

Operation hours

Monday – Friday:
You will receive your data within 72 hours via email and phone, available in pdf file to print at home , ( Express 24 hours )

Monday – Friday:
9 AM- 2 PM
2060 Marengo Street Los Angeles, CA 90033

Monday – Friday:
9 AM ~ 2 PM
16902 Millikan Ave Irvine, CA 92606

Saturday & Sunday: Appointments only and extra fees
Other services:
• Expedite: Within 24 hours ($238)
• Sports Team/Group/Organization/Company/School
: contact the center for more information

Our documentation is compliant with:
• All destination states except Hawaii (please see below) and other countries.
• All Counties and OSHA safety requirements

NOTE: HAWAI'I ONLY - DO NOT SCHEDULE The state government of Hawai'i has chosen only large corporate partners for pre-travel testing.

See your options here: https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel/
Irvine and Los Angeles Testing Location
Orange Country : 16902 Millikan ave Irvine, CA 92606 (Directions) 949-527-9010
Los angeles Country : 2060 Marengo St. LA, CA 90033 (Directions) 323-576-2528
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